EXOFISHMED is led by a multidisciplinary and international team of researchers, research assistants and students from MARBEC lab (Montpellier, France), Tel Aviv University and Ben Gurion University (Israel) and HCMR (Greece).


Main investigators are:

  • S├ębastien Vill├ęger (Principal Investigator, MARBEC, CNRS researcher) is a fish ecologist interested in the functional diversity of fishes and in the interactions between fish and microbes.
  • Jean Christophe Auguet (MARBEC, CNRS researcher) is a microbiologist interested in the diversity of marine microbes, including those living on and in marine animals
  • Arthur Escalas (MARBEC, CNRS post-doc)
  • Yoni Belmaker (Tel Aviv Univ., Associated professor) is a community ecologist interested in the invasion of the Mediterranean Sea by fishes from the Red Sea
  • Moshe Kiflawi (Ben Gurion University, Senior lecturer) is a fish biologist working on reef assemblages from the Red Sea
  • Thanos Dailianis( HCMR, researcher) is a marine biologist interested in the biodiversity of the Mediterranean coastal habitats.

More than 20 colleagues from these labs have been helping collecting samples from the field and/or processing them in the lab.

Siganus rivulatus grazing on algae in South-Eastern Mediterranean Sea (Sdot Yam, Israel)
Sarpa salpa grazing on algae in North-Western Mediterranean Sea (Banyuls, France)